Sample schedule for morning and afternoon classes

Morning Schedule Afternoon Schedule.
7:00 Wake up, breakfast 7:00 Wake up, breakfast
review, prep Review and prep
9:00 School starts Free time
12:40 End of class 12:00 Lunch, School
Free time 13:20 School starts
16:40 End of class, dinner, review
17:00 to 21:00 Part-time job 18:00 to 22:00 Part-time job
Around 22:00 Part-time job ends, and go home. Around 23:00 Go home
24:00 Bedtime  24:00 Bedtime
On Saturdays and Sundays are free for study and part-time work(You can work 28 hours of a week)

How to get a mobile phone or SIM card in Japan:

With the advancement of the times, the function of cell phones has become better and better, even if you bring a Chinese smartphone to Japan, you can still use it just by applying for a Japanese SIM card and inserting it into your smartphone in China. The students who have just arrived in Japan may not be able to communicate with each other, and there are complicated problems, such as contract and procedures, so, as a general rule, the school can process the application on your behalf. Students who need the help should contact the school's administrative staff in advance. Students who have not contacted the school office in advance should complete the paperwork on their own.

Insurance and Medical Care

National Health Insurance

After entering Japan, students must join the National Health Insurance Program. After enrolling in the National Health Insurance, students are entitled to a 70% reduction in medical fees and co-payment is 30% (In special circumstances, it is out of scope.)

When you're sick

Go to a hospital immediately. The nearest hospitals to the school are as follows
TEL:03 - 3891- 5291(代)FAX:03 - 3891- 5292

In case of an emergency

Call 119 immediately (medevac and fire).
Call the police 110.

Cost of living

According to official data survey, one international student living in Japan for one month will cost roughly 90,000 yen
* (except for individual exceptions)